Woman - mother - sister - friend - coach

.… wife - daughter - intimate friend - life coach - business woman. These components - among others - define who I am, and my perfectly imperfect blend of different personality traits.

All about you: that’s the focus of my consulting services. But in a way it will also be about the two of us, as we will be sharing essential things, true to my favourite saying:

The human side comes to shine!

The way my “human side comes to shine“ is probably a bit different to yours. I see things from a different perspective, I‘ve had different experiences and managed to build a toolbox equipped with life skills that will make it easier for you to uncover all facets of your personality, and to grow with the challenges life throws your way.

I am excited to get to know you and to be a witness to your experiencing yourself anew!

It goes without saying that it will be most beneficial to you meeting with me face to face. But before I have the pleasure of meeting you, you might be interested to know that I have been working as a life coach since 2016. I get a great sense of fulfillment when my clients achieve personal development and we have established a trusting relationship, and likewise from dealing with my clients‘ everyday struggles and difficult emotional challenges.

Before I became a coach, I have gained nearly 25 years experience in the insurance industry. Working across different departments and in different functions, I am used to working on constantly changing topic areas and thus dealing with people from different backgrounds. My personal contribution to the success of our company was not only achieved through my business competencies, but more so thanks to my effective interpersonal and communication skills in my work with colleagues, business partners and people in general - a recurring theme in the feedback on my work.

These years have provided a solid foundation to build up my skills in professional counselling for companies and workplace coaching, and they have proven as valuable for me as the experiences I’ve acquired through work for a variety of charitable causes and voluntary groups.